The Quickest, Simplest, Cheapest LEGAL
USA Manufacture of Drinking Alcohol.
Legal in all 50 States.  Much Easier than Brewing Beer, Much Faster than Brewing Wine
Make as Cheap as $0.19 PER Drink
1 Drink is equal to 1 shot of spirits, 1 glass of wine or 1 mug of beer.
USA Legal to make up to 200 Gallons PER YEAR per HOUSE.  See Details below.
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By Far Easier than Brewing Beer, Much Cheaper and Faster than Fermenting Wine

Will Make Up to 18% (36 proof) Alcohol
(most Beer is 5-6% Alcohol, Most Wines are 10-14% Alcohol)

*Some Inuit Communities in Alaska have banned all Alcohol.
In MOST USA States you can make up to 200 GALLONS
of "Beer" or "Wine" per Year.
That would be over 5000 glasses of Jungle Juice

ALL of the State Laws for YOUR STATE are

This is the Kit that We are Selling
Photo has EVERYTHING You Need to Make LEGAL Alcohol at Home
1 Bottle of Jungle Juice Equals 3 Glasses of Wine
This is Liquid GOLD in Any Disaster and You Can Trade It for Anything!

INCLUDED IN KIT: 8 Gallon Home Easy Brew Fermentation Bucket with Tap
INCLUDED IN KIT: Fermentation Lock
INCLUDED IN KIT: Super Large Funnel with Very Fine Filter Screen
INCLUDED IN KIT: Fermentation Bucket Heater Belt 120 Volt
INCLUDED IN KIT: 3 Packages Temp Tolerant Wine Yeast
INCLUDED IN KIT: 3 Packs Potassium Sorbate Fermentation Stop
INCLUDED IN KIT: 3 4oz Bottles of Very Concentrated Raspberry Flavoring
INCLUDED IN KIT: Potential Alcohol Proof Reading Hydrometer
INCLUDED RIGHT HERE: ALL Instructions on How to Make Jungle Juice.


Trade it for Anything!! In a Disaster
1 Glass of Wine is 5oz.  There are 16 oz in the "Water Bottle".  So filling it up with 15oz of Jungle Juice is equal to each bottle being 3 (THREE) Glasses of Wine.  The Alcohol Percentages of Your Jungle Juice is EASILY 12% Alcohol and can be as high as 18%.  Normal Wine is 10%-14% Alcohol.  1 Bottle of Your Jungle Juice will get a good Drunk On !!

Americans Drink a LOT of Alcohol Each Day/Week/Month/Year.  MANY Americans are dependent and addicted to Alcohol.  Many Americans drink Alcohol on a Daily basis and only have a few days of Alcohol in the House (never mind food and water).  Americans spend over 211 BILLION Dollars per YEAR on Alcohol.  So there is HUGE demand for it.

One Bottle of Jungle Juice ( equal 3 Glasses of Wine) Could EASILY get you 1 or 2 Rolls of Toilet Paper in Trade

What could you Trade 3 Glasses of Wine
(1 16oz Bottle of Jungle Juice) for in a Disaster?

Basic Kit will Make over 150 of these Bottles for $1.10 per Bottle !!
($0.37 Per Glass of Wine/Jungle Juice)

ALLOW IMAGE - Bottle of Jungle Juice
2 Loaves of Bread
1 Jar of Peanut Butter and 1 Jar of Jelly
1 Gallon of Drinking Water
2 Rolls of Toilet Paper
1 Bag of Garden Produce
3 Cans of Food (anything)
1 Box of Shot Gun Shells
20 Pistol or Rifle Bullets (pick your caliber)
50 - 100 .22 Bullets
3 to 6 Candles
1 Gallon of Gasoline
4 D Cell Alkaline batteries
12 AA Alkaline Batteries
1 Flashlight
1 AM/FM Radio
1 Extra Warm Blanket
1 OZ of Silver
$20.00 CASH
1 Box of Band-Aids or Medical Items
2 Rolls of Paper Towels
1 Huge Roll of Duct Tape

Think about it.  Your normal "unprepared neighbor" could of just gone to Costco and gotten a huge bundle of toilet paper, then the disaster hits.  He's barely got food and water for a few days. Or he could have 2 five gallon jugs of gasoline he just filled up for his lawn mower.  Its the 1st night of the disaster.  He comes over to your back yard because you are grilling hamburgers on the grill from the freezer (eat your refrigerator and freezer food first).   You're a nice guy, you give him a burger and you say, "You want something GOOD to wash that down with?" and you give him a bottle of your Jungle Juice.  He drinks it with his burger and the alcohol hits him and he says, "Wow...that was good."  His belly is full and he's got a buzz on.  He asks you if you have more of that and you say "I have some more." 

Next day he comes over and asks you if you have any more of those bottles that he drank last night and you say, "What ya got to trade?"  Next thing you know, for 5 of your 150 bottles you now have his 5 gallons of gasoline that he had in the garage or you now have an extra warm blanket or you now have a bunch of extra batteries or a batch of candles or half of his toilet paper. 
When people are out of alcohol they will trade away ANYTHING for more alcohol. 

This is a photograph from Hurricane Katrina.  I think this photo puts my point into perspective.  In a disaster, people will do anything, trade anything for alcohol.  He who has it will be King and Its Good To Be The King.


QUESTION:  What CAN YOU NOT DO with this Alcohol Legally
ANSWER:  You cannot sell it for cash money.  Before a disaster happens, you CAN make Jungle Juice (wine) but CANNOT sell it to people like a business.  After a disaster no one cares what you do with this.  You Legally CAN make it (up to 200 gallons per house / year) before a disaster.  You CAN DRINK it yourself.  You CAN give it away to Guests and Friends, you CAN enter it into a contest.  You can do ANYTHING you want with it but you just cannot sell it for cash money.  If a hurricane blasts through and your neighbor gives you $10 or $20 for a bottle of Jungle Juice, NO ONE is going to care.


INSTRUCTIONS: How to Make Jungle Juice
Note: This kit is put together by us at
Its put together by us, in our facility, and is shipped out to you by us.
This is not drop shipped, this is NOT someone else's product.
NO ONE offers a 'kit' like this to you.  This is only from us.
This is directly from Steven Harris


The Fermentation bucket is the HEART of the entire system.  This is an 8 GALLON Bucket.  Its NOT Small.  It costs us a little bit to ship it to you by UPS Ground. 

This is the RIGHT WAY to do it.  In an 8 gallon bucket, you can easily have 6 gallons of water, 14 pounds of sugar and enough room for the 'mash' or 'wort' it to froth and bubble and not cause any problems.  Since you need empty 8 or 16 oz water bottles to put Jungle Juice into, its a good idea to just buy bottles of water and use that as your 6 gallons of water.  You need 48 16oz water bottles to make 6 gallons of water.

The Bucket comes with a Fermentation Lock, that keeps the outside air OUT and lets the Bubbling CO2 OUT and AT THE BOTTOM it has a Bucket SPIGOT that EASILY allows you to draw the liquid off the bottom and EASILY put it into bottles !!  I am about making life EASY FOR YOU.  Imagine trying to pour from a 5 gallon or 8 gallon bucket into a 16oz bottle?!!  Impossible.

Wash the bucket out with a little soap and a lot of water before use.  Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water then continue. Dish soap is fine.  You are NOT making beer here, you do NOT need to 'sanitize everything'.  Soap and water will work just fine.

Into the bucket you put 6 gallons of water, 14 pounds of sugar (Wal-Mart is selling 4 pound bags of sugar now, not 5 lb ones), but 15 pounds is fine too and you pour in the yeast.  Mix it up.  Close it up, put the lid on, put in the fermentation lock, put the brew belt around it and plug it in and let it run for a week.  (more on this below)

Yeast can be fussy creatures, change stuff on them and they DIE.  The yeast we are using are a SPECIAL wine yeast that are VERY temperature and pH tolerant.  Just mix them in, they will do their job.  They will not die unless you get this bucket over 95F, and the brew belt keeps it at 80F (the brew bucket heats, it does  not cool, so don't put this on the porch in the summer in Atlanta!)




Fermentation speed doubles each 18F degrees of temperature.  If you are fermenting at 62F its HALF the speed as fermenting at 80F.  Most of our brewing is done indoors (its NOT dangerous!) and either our homes are cool from winter or cool from the AC in the summer.  So since this is a QUALITY KIT I just decided to include a QUALITY Brew Belt with it so you could ferment an entire batch in a week or less.

THERE ARE CHEAPER BREW BELTS out there.  Ones that do NOT go all the way around the bucket or that have elastic. This one goes ALL the way around the bucket, its very thick and durable and will last you a life time.  I DID NOT GO CHEAP on this for you.  The Brew Belt only draws about 20 watts.  Its very low in power. 



This is a BIG FUNNEL.  You are NOT going to miss the hole in this thing.  It also has as FINE FILTER that inserts (tightly) into the base of the funnel (bottom photo).  Again, this is not the 'cheapest thing we could find.'  This is the right quality for doing a quality job.

This is to filter out the yeast and other fermentation products.  NOTE: There is NOTHING wrong with drinking yeast.  You do it all the time with wine and beer.  It just makes for a neater nicer product when you filter out the yeast.   So you get out your knife or a drill and you put a hole in a "Home Depot" 5 gallon bucket (any 5 gallon bucket will do) and you put this under the 8 gallon fermentation bucket (on a table) with the funnel and filter and you open the spigot and let it flow through the funnel and filter and into the 5 gallon bucket on the floor. If you have something 'extra' left over, put it into a clean, washed out 1 gallon milk jug, or 2 liter soda bottles.  The Funnel makes this EASY.



Yeast eat Sugar (nothing else) and piss Ethanol Alcohol and Fart CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).  So if the yeast were not 100% done with the sugars in your mix then when you bottled the liquid they would continue to ferment in the bottle and make CO2 and it would swell or pop your bottles of 'wine' or Jungle Juice.  This is a universal agent added to most every wine on the market that STOPS the yeast from fermenting and you can bottle your Jungle Juice with NO FEAR of it swelling or bursting the bottles.

Just mix in one package with the 6 gallons of 'wash' that you have in the 8 gallon bucket before you put the empty 16 ounce water bottles under the spigot and fill them up with Jungle Juice and store them away.



You CAN Drink the mixture of sugar, water, alcohol and yeast if you want.  They do in Alaska, its called HOME BREW.  

However I wanted something a bit better for you, my customers, something that would taste like either box wine or spiked fruit punch.  So I got these 4oz bottles of SUPER concentrated Raspberry Flavoring.  3 Come in each Kit.  These are 4oz bottles and you will use between 2oz and 4oz of flavoring PER 6 gallon batch.  The final flavoring is up to you, but you will probably error towards the full 4oz.   This makes the Jungle Juice taste really yummy.

Someone wanting it is NOT going to turn their nose up at it, they will say, "That tastes rather good."  Please note:  There are cheaper more diluted flavorings on the market, but since we are a dealer for a professional brewing supplier (BrewCraft) we got nothing but the highest quality flavorings for you.  Sugar, yeast, stop ferment and flavor can cost you as cheap as 18 cents per 'glass of wine (5oz)'.  I think that is about as cheap as it can get for a quality product.  Consider that a glass of wine costs $5 to $9 in the bar or restaurant and that a 750ml bottle of wine (normal size) is 4 glasses of wine and costs $9 to $99.  I think this is a great price. Get it from us, get it right, do it right the 1st time and you will be happy with the results.




This Hydrometer has 3 scales on it.  The ONLY one you need to worry about says POTENTIAL ALCOHOL PROOF.

You drop this into the 8 Gallon Fermenter bucket and it will float.  Where the liquid meets the scale, is where you do your reading.

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for ANYTHING to 'tell you' the PROOF or the Percentage of alcohol that is in the bucket, just by dropping it in.  BUT THIS IS CLOSE.

You put it in when you first set up your batch, after the sugar and yeast, and you let it float and settle down and lets say it says POTENTIAL ALCOHOL of 15%.  That means if you fermented ALL of the sugar it might make 15% alcohol.  Now after a week when your are almost done fermenting you put it back into the bucket and it might read POTENTIAL ALCOHOL 1%.  You Subtract 1% from 15% and you get 14%.  Your final alcohol is % is 14%.  You MUST DO a reading at the start, and at the END.. this is the ONLY way to 'measure' your alcohol %.  If anyone tells you any different, they are a liar. 

Due to the complexities of fermentation the Alcohol Potential Scale could say -2%.  In which case, you have 15% - (-2%) which is equal to 15% + 2% and you'd have 17% Alcohol. 

How to Make Jungle Juice.  Complete Instructions in ONE Place. 
Don't tell me you did not get them, because they are right here.

Take the 8 gallon fermenter bucket, screw in the spigot into the bottom.  Take the whole thing outside with the garden house. Put in some dish soap. Fill it with water from the hose, wash everything.  The bucket, the lid etc.... that's all.  Then pour our the soapy water and take the garden hose and rinse everything perfectly so there is NO SOAP left over.  Turn the spigot OFF so nothing will flow through it.  Take the bucket and lid inside the house.   Take 48 16oz bottles of water and pour them into the 8 gallon bucket.  Pour in 14 to 15 pounds of sugar.  Mix everything up good.   Now pour in the yeast, mix the yeast up into the 'wash' and then let the water stop moving.  Take the Potential Proof Alcohol Hydrometer and put it in the 'wash' and let everything settle.  When everything has stopped moving read on the scale where the wash meets the glass.  You'll get a reading like 15%.  Write this number down.  Put the lid on the bucket, knocked it sealed closed with your fist and then put in the Fermentation Lock into the rubber ringed hole in the lid of the bucket.  Fill the fermentation lock up with water to the lines in the fermentation lock.  There are 2 lines on the fermentation lock next to each other, one on each chamber, and it says MAX.  Do not fret about this, its obvious.  Put the brew belt around the BOTTOM of the bucket, about 2" to 3" from the bottom of the bucket, just above the spigot and plug it into a wall outlet.  NOW WAIT.  It will take a day but you will begin to see the fermentation lock 'bubble'.  This will be obvious.  This will get quite vigorous.  There are billions of yeast cells making alcohol for you.  Over the days, coming near a week, this will slow down.   When this slows down to only one bubble or 'movement' every 5 seconds then you ARE DONE Fermenting.   This will take about a week.  Could be less if you are warmer than 80F but not warmer than 95F.  If the bucket gets much warmer than 95F you'll start to kill the yeast and your fermentation will STOP.  This will be obvious if it happens.  No bubbling of the fermentation lock.  Once you have reached this point open the lid and put in the Potential Alcohol Hydrometer again and let it settle.  Read the number from the Potential Alcohol Scale and write it down.  Subtract this reading from the 1st reading to find out what the percentage alcohol is of the Jungle Juice is that you have made.  (Example is above).  Now, take the hydrometer out of the wash and mix in the Potassium Sorbate (the stop ferment) and mix it in good.   Take your home depot or other 5 gallon bucket that you got from the local store and drill a hole in it, or cut a hole in it, and put in the large funnel.  Put the fine filter screen in the bottom of the funnel.  It snaps in TIGHT.  It does  not go in loose.  This is obvious.  Put the 8 gallon brew bucket on top of a table or a chair or something to get if off the ground and then place the 5 gallon bucket and filter funnel below the spigot.  Open the spigot and let the wash drain from the upper bucket to the lower one.  Make sure you do not over flow the 5 gallon bucket.  If you need some more room, put the filter funnel into a 2 liter bottle or a very well cleaned out milk jug and put the extra wash into there.   Once you have drained almost all of the wash out of the 8 gallon fermenting bucket then turn off the spigot.  Take it outside to the hose again and wash everything out with the hose.  Everything is natural and can be washed out onto the grass.  It will love the extra nutrients.   Take the fermentation bucket back inside the house and put it on the table.  Take your 5 gallon bucket full of the wash and other containers with the wash and pour them back into the fermentation bucket.  Make SURE the spigot is turned OFF.   Now take your 4oz bottle of wine flavoring that came with your kit and pour in about 1/2 of it into the wash and mix it up and have something you can dip into the wash and take a taste.  How does it taste?  Good?  Than add no more flavor.  Need a bit more flavor?  Add in  some more flavor, mix it up and taste again.  You will use between 2oz and 4oz of flavoring on a 6 gallon batch of Jungle Juice.  Now that you have done that, go get your 48+ empty 16 oz water bottles.  Put each one under the spigot and fill it up and leave about 1oz from the stop of empty space.  There is no reason for this other than that a glass of wine is 5oz and 3x5oz is 15oz and this way each bottle is equal to 3 glasses of wine.  This gives you a little more for trade than if you filled all 16 oz up to the top.  Which, you can do if you desire.  Now screw the cap onto the top of each water bottle nice and tight and put away your bottles for trade of if you desire, you can drink them right away.

QUESTION:  How Long Will It Store FOR???
ANSWER:  It will basically store forever.   Have you ever heard of 100 year old bottles of wine?  Well what you are making is a simple wine, like a mead.  Only instead of using honey for the sugar source you are using cheap walmart sugar.  If you want it to taste like a mead, then just add some honey after its done fermenting.  We are supplying with the kit a VERY concentrated professional wine flavoring.  It will make it taste really good.  You can use Honey, berries, juices and other flavors to make your own very custom and delicious jungle juice.  You can get creative with it.

QUESTION:  What does it taste like?
ANSWER:  Some will say that it tastes like a cheap box wine, others will say that it tastes like a spiked punch.  Either way, when someone drinks it, especially with our wine flavoring added....they will smack their lips and say, "That tastes GOOD."  You are NOT making this to enter any wine tasting contests with.  You are making this for either as a cheap source of alcohol for yourself and friends or as a trading item in a disaster.  It performs in that role spectacularly. Like I said before, have a party and impress your friends, make your own bowl of spiked punch.  Impress your friends, tell them YOU MADE IT.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back



NOT 'On Sale' 3 Days Only
NOT 'Free Shipping' 3 Days Only
Wed, Thursday & Friday.
till Mid-March

WHY? We are going to get a lot of orders, and we are going to have to put the kits together,
package them and then ship them out, that takes time. 
Once we do that we will put it up again for continuous sale.



18 Gallons - 153 15oz Bottles
That's ONLY $0.37 Per "5oz Wine Glass"

Total Kit (3 Batches)

Makes 460 "5oz Glasses of Wine"
That's $0.37 per Glass of "Wine"

Fills 153 15oz Bottles of Jungle Juice
That's $1.10 per Bottle of Jungle Juice.
(price calculation includes the price of Sugar)


Special Introductory Price means that when the kit comes back up for sale it might not be this cheap.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back


This Kit makes 153 15oz
Bottles of "Jungle Juice"
There are ONLY 17 Bottles of Jungle Juice in this Photo.

Does NOT include Home Depot Orange Bucket, Bottles of Water or Sugar, you get all of those locally.  EVERYTHING else IS included.
FYI: The sugar cost $6.46 at Walmart.


Jungle Juice 3x REFILL KIT.
18 Gallons - 153 15oz Bottles
That's ONLY $0.19 Per "5oz Wine Glass"

Total Kit (3 Batches!)
(this ONLY includes the items in the photo to the LEFT)

Makes 460 "5oz Glasses of Wine"
That's $0.19 per Glass of "Wine"

Fills 153 15oz Bottles of Jungle Juice
That's $0.58 per Bottle of Jungle Juice.
(price calculation includes the price of Sugar)


Special Introductory Price means that when the kit comes back up for sale it might not be this cheap.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back


Special Yeast, Stop Ferment & Concentrated 4oz Commercial Wine Flavoring
This Kit makes 153 15oz
Bottles of "Jungle Juice"

Does NOT include Home Depot Bucket, Bottles of Water or Sugar, you get all of those locally.  EVERYTHING else IS included.
FYI: The sugar cost $6.46 at Walmart.


54 Gallons - 459 15oz Bottles
That's ONLY $0.22 Per "5oz Wine Glass"

This is a WHOLE KIT
That Includes 2 Refill Kits
SAVE $40.00!!


Total Kit (9 Batches)

Makes 1380 "5oz Glasses of Wine"
That's $0.22 per Glass of "Wine"

Fills 459 15oz Bottles of Jungle Juice
That's $0.67 per Bottle of Jungle Juice.
(price calculation includes the price of Sugar)

SAVE $40.00 !!

Special Introductory Price means that when the kit comes back up for sale it might not be this cheap.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back


This Kit makes 459 15oz
Bottles of "Jungle Juice"
There are ONLY 17 Bottles of Jungle Juice in this Photo.

Does NOT include Home Depot Orange Bucket, Bottles of Water or Sugar, you get all of those locally.  EVERYTHING else IS included.
FYI: The sugar cost $6.46 at Walmart.


Look at this. One "Glass" is $0.19 to $0.37 each
That "Glass of Wine" sells for at least $5.00
in a bar or restaurant...and you wonder why
the alcohol business in the USA is a
$211.6 Billion Dollar / Year Business.

Even if you do NOT want this for 'SHTF trading'
STOP Paying Taxes and paying "The Man" for your Alcohol.
Make your own at Home, Legally.  Tax Free and 47x Cheaper.

Add Honey to your Jungle Juice, Add Fruit Flavors and Fruits.
Mix it up, Make it your own.   More on this in the future, but you have
to have a kit to do it first before you can take my advice.



When we selected a yeast to make it FOOL PROOF for you, we did our home work and our testing.  We did NOT just select some cheap "Champaign yeast" or any cheap "Wine Yeast" for you.  Read the description for the Yeast that we selected for you.   Note:  The packets of yeast can live for a long time on the shelf, but for best long term shelf life please store the yeast in your refrigerator.  Its is a living creature.   Read this:

Saccharomyces Bayanus (SN9) – Very good all round strain, best choice for high alcohol and fortified wines but also excellent for most country wines, sweet sparkling wines and ciders.

If you only had one wine yeast strain, this would be the strain because whilst being relatively neutral in character SN9 does introduce excellent weight and structure no matter the must or fruit and produces a congener profile that always compliments the wine.

SN9 is particularly good when fermenting flower or low fruit recipes which often lack vinosity, weight and depth.

SN9 is another strain noted for its robustness, being able to ferment to 18% abv. ethanol, tolerate high free SO2 and high levels of other stress factors such as organic acids, incorrect temperature and pH. But unlike CL23, SN9 adds weight and high glycerol production making the strain perfect for high alcohol sweet wines or where uncertain recipes are employed and fermentation reliability is a key factor or where low temperature fermentation down to 10OC (50OF) is required.

This strain is ‘fermentation friendly’ in that it produces zero foam, starts fermenting rapidly so avoids potential bacterial contamination and can be used to re-start stuck fermentations. SN9 is also the most osmotolerant and the fasting clearing of all Vintner’s Harvest strains.

SN9 is ideal for restarting stuck fermentations.

When you get something from Steven Harris and KnowledgePubliations, IT WORKS !!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back